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Systems/Software Engineering Services provide planning, design, development, testing and maintenance of systems and software.
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Systems/Software Engineering Services provide planning, design, development, testing and maintenance of systems and software. AASKI applies CMMI® Level 3 engineering practices with subject matter expertise, PMP® project management skills, and system integration capabilities to provide timely solutions that exceed requirements and meet schedule and budget – all while managing the reality of today’s fast-paced changing requirements and platforms that can impact projects.

Application Development

AASKI has strong expertise providing software support in developing, testing and deploying web applications using programming languages, web services, and database servers. Our process focuses on evaluating and engineering solutions (design approaches, design concepts, or preliminary designs) that comply with an appropriate set of allocated requirements and developing detailed designs for the selected solution needed to develop the design as a product. AASKI ensures all software products adhere to a software development process which meets, at a minimum, the Capability and Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 requirements.

Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Customization & Integration

As budgeting and funding allocations become increasingly more challenging it is critical to look for efficient methods for developing technology improvements and software products by leveraging next generation technologies and COTS solutions as a means to develop solutions which meet requirements that are scalable, reduce risk and control cost. AASKI has proven experience in research, analysis, development, and integration of new hardware and software technology products for evolving and integrating COTS products with your existing infrastructure to meet your technology needs.


Prototyping provides an opportunity to assess key characteristics and performance metrics of a new system or capability prior to procurement and deployment, to validate if hardware, software, tools, and methodologies meet the operational requirements and are suitable for implementation. AASKI engineers have in-depth expertise providing full prototyping capabilities, including procurement of necessary tools, techniques, and hardware sufficient to ensure prototypes reflect the deployment scenario. We have strong experience developing prototype systems which have been used to validate proof-of–concepts and demonstrate initial operational capability requirements essential for the finalizing the design and eventual production of a system.

Modeling & Simulation

Modeling and simulation is an important and valuable action in budget constrained environments as it allows an assessment of performance prior to development and lab testing eliminating costly redesign and rebuild efforts. AASKI offers strong modeling and simulation expertise to our customers. We have developed modeling and simulation software, simulators and tools to provide simulated functionality to support the testing and advancement of new Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and capabilities.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is the process of creating a consolidated view of its enterprise data, optimized for reporting and analysis. A data warehouse is an aggregated, sometimes summarized copy of transaction and non-transaction data specifically structured for dynamic queries and fast, efficient business analytics. AASKI engineers will design a scalable, integrated solution that provides the performance and flexibility to handle big data in terms of processing speed and addressing specific content and format aspects.

Data Collection & Reporting

Data collection and reporting for Infrastructure Management is essential to ensuring the performance and availability of networks, systems and applications. Metric data from devices and applications enable situational awareness into your infrastructure. The data collection process can be challenging as not all devices report in the same format and the collected data must be assembled in a common format that will allow for effective reporting.

AASKI has exceptional expertise in data collection and reporting techniques specializing in custom metric collection software for COTS and custom developed solutions necessary for providing an integrated situational awareness view of distinct devices and applications. We can provided a complete situational awareness capability to proactively address issues before they become critical business impacting problems, and ensure the availability of critical services through a consolidated view of fault, performance, traffic, configurations and inventory information.


With the ever increasing demand for new software applications and the integration of multi-vendor software products, providing comprehensive testing of software prior to implementation has become even more critical today. Software verification and testing is an integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and is a vital role in ensuring quality software products. Inadequate testing can result in loss of service, loss of revenue, loss of reputation, and in some cases the ultimate sacrifice, loss of life.

AASKI has proven experience providing exceptional test support to customers with the most complex software applications and systems worldwide. We follow a proven structured testing methodology that fully test and evaluate the most complicated requirements while balancing the time and costs.

We have an experienced software testing team executing full life cycle testing including Functional Testing (Unit Testing, Smoke Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Usability Testing, Localization Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Reviews & Inspection) Non-Functional Testing (Load & Performance Testing, Stress & Volume Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, Installation Testing, Automated Testing) and Performance Testing.


The process of developing quality software products begins with software documentation and the development of a Software Development Plan (SDP). The SDP consists of documentation artifacts such as a Software Requirements Specification (SRS), Software Design Document (SDD), and a Software Test Plan (STP) which are developed with the foresight that the software will undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure it passes all testing procedures and is compliant with integration and security requirements.

AASKI has the experience and expertise and will apply our CMMI-3 standard processes and templates to develop customer requirement documents and work products. To ensure all work products are kept current with customer requirements with formal change/version control process.

Application Maintenance

Migrating from legacy systems to newer, more distributed compliant architectures that can meet today’s more stringent business demands can be a complex and costly issue. AASKI can help you maintain your existing applications or modernize applications to integrate with new technologies and meet compliance regulations at an affordable cost. Using our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) processes, AASKI can engineer existing applications and products to leverage the latest technologies enabling improved business functionality and performance. Our services include software analysis, migration, feature enhancements, customer integration, and architecture development.

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