Integration Services
AASKI has a proven track record in the process of combining individual systems together to perform a larger and more complex task and can assist you in developing complex systems.
Integrations That Scale

AASKI has a proven track record in the process of combining individual systems together to perform a larger and more complex task and can assist you in developing complex systems. AASKI can help ensure that systems scale properly, supporting more users/functions without degrading performance. Using a highly disciplined, repeatable, and CMMI Level 3 certified process AASKI has developed numerous solutions for its customers while maintaining and increasing the quality and reliability of its solutions.

Architecture Design

AASKI Technology keeps the big picture in mind while paying attention to the smaller details. Using industry leading tools and practices, AASKI engineers will assess your infrastructure and create a customized architecture design that will support and enhance your technology needs and align with your business objectives. AASKI Technology has provided solutions for the DoD and commercial industry using service oriented architecture (SOA) frameworks such as Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation to provide the best value to its customers. AASKI engineers have proven expertise in designing architectures that will improve reliability, security, performance and business continuity of critical systems, applications and networks.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

AASKI can help you implement a Service-Oriented Architecture frame work to transform your business by reducing system integration complexity for your business systems and applications. AASKI architects can help you build SOA governance processes, select appropriate pilots and develop an implementation plan. At the same time, AASKI has engineers on staff who are experts in the Web services formats and protocols (XML, WSDL, SOAP) and infrastructure (Enterprise Service Buses, etc.) that are regularly used in SOA implementations. With AASKI on your team, your organization can leverage SOA to become more agile to quickly implement next-generation applications, drive cost reductions and technology efficiencies with the goal of increasing Return on Investment (ROI).

Network Characterization

AASKI ensures the overall system impact on network components is identified, as well as its expected throughput. AASKI can help you optimize your network to limit single points of failure, and maximize reliability and throughput. System interfaces are identified and defined. The performance characteristics for external systems are specified.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

AASKI serves as an independent entity that verifies and validates the proper operation of the system. All systems and interfaces are checked for proper operation and integration into the overall system. AASKI ensures that our customers are provided with high quality solutions. AASKI is experienced in troubleshoot complex systems and identifying system bottlenecks that can impede performance.

Installation Planning

As part of the AASKI process, the installation of the system is fully planned, each and every component is identified. The position of each element and system interconnects are documented. The steps necessary to ship, assemble and turn over the system to end users. The installation plan is a collaborative document developed with you, that provides a high degree of confidence in its operation to be able to repeatedly install a high quality system.

Site Surveys

AASKI performs a site-specific review of each installation site to ensure the location’s environmental and power systems are compatible and identify issues that must be addressed prior to system installation. Installation suitability is documented that identifies and confirms Points of Contact and complete Shipping Locations ensuring timely and quality installations.

Pre-Deployment Support

AASKI provides support to ensure that all steps necessary for the installation are documented and accounted, All required shipping and accounting procedures are addressed. All required system documentation is complete and of high quality.


AASKI provides installation services according to the jointly developed installation plan. AASKI provides repeatedly high quality installations based on the plan and unique items highlighted in the Site Survey Report. AASKI is experienced in performing multiple types of installation for our customers, and verifies with you that the systems installed meet your needs.

Test & Turn-up

AASKI can help you test your systems to ensure their proper operation, range checks on inputs are performed to identify any issue as early as possible. The system is stressed to ensure it can handle the workload of the system. Testing is performed to validate the installed system is performing properly.


AASKI Support is provided in various certification processes required for interconnection to other systems/networks that require system interconnects be certified. AASKI has provided Cross Domain solutions and is very experienced in the required certification processes needed to enable these solutions for our customers.

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