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As a Leader in SETA, AASKI Technology takes an analytical approach to maintain a trained, experienced, and highly capable workforce ready to adapt to the ever changing needs and services of the customer.
Superior Project Management & Systems Engineering Elements

As a Leader in SETA, AASKI Technology takes an analytical approach to maintain a trained, experienced, and highly capable workforce ready to adapt to the ever changing needs and services of the customer.

Acquisition Support

AASKI Technology does not believe in the “one size fits all” solution to Acquisitions. We work to understand the needs of our customer and tailor a solution to meet and often surpass the needs of the customer. AASKI Technology brings an in-depth understanding of the total acquisition lifecycle as well as the co-dependencies of even the most multifaceted solutions. Our acquisition, management, and engineering professionals work together synergistically to deliver the best solutions for the requirements of our customer which is often the result of our proven record of success.

Systems Engineering & Architecture Support

AASKI Technology provides an expansive range of system engineering and architectural support to the customer – from concept inception, and testing through installation, application, assessment, and operations and maintenance. Our approach to Systems Engineering is tailored after mature and proven processes tailored after the industry standards and best practices to deliver solutions to our customer to meet their needs and requirements.

AASKI Technology also offers architectural support through active collaboration with our customer to find a balance of design and operational expectations in addition to the technical and budget requirements of the customer.

Security Engineering Support

AASKI Technology understands the importance of security engineering support in all stages of the System Development Lifecycle. This approach ensures that security is integrated into the design of each system rather than being added as an afterthought to avoid costly redesign and redevelopment costs. Through conducting vulnerability tests, risk analyses, response planning and training, AASKI Technology can reduce the future vulnerability of our customers by mitigating potential incidents and threats.

AASKI Technology uses proven analytical and sustainable security methodologies that demonstrate our customer-first focus, innovative mindset, and effective execution style which has made AASKI Technology a leader in the field of Security Engineering.

Software Engineering Support

AASKI Technology’s in-depth knowledge of software engineering processes, standards, specifications, and requirements assure superior products and support that meets our customers evolving needs and requirements. AASKI Technology uses the most current software practices, architectures, and technologies from the industries of today and tailors them to meet the challenges of continually expanding data, distributed mobile workforces, critical mission requirements, and continuously shrinking IT budget.

Test & Certification Support

AASKI Technology offers a comprehensive set of testing devices including life cycle testing, test consulting, test automation services, the design and implementation of testing services, specialized testing including performance, SOA, data, package, product, security, and infrastructure testing. AASKI Technology offers Certification Support as well. A Certification is a formal recognition of having a level of expertise within the designated area of Information Technology. The beneficiary is acknowledged as having an overall understanding of the disciplines and skills represented in an all-inclusive body of knowledge for a respective software discipline. AASKI can help the workforce achieve this level of discipline through our industry leading certification support services.

Deployment Coordination Support

AASKI Technology has extensive experience with the deployment of software. Because the needs of the customer are often unique, AASKI Technology will tailor the specific processes and/or procedures needed to make a software system available for use by the customer to allow the process of software deployment to be successful. Successful software deployment should always ensure that the customer’s software distribution needs are met in a smart, well-managed way, a way of doing business which AASKI Technology is known for achieving in support of its customers.

Documentation/Technical Writing

AASKI Technology can meet your technical writing needs with a cost-effective solution, whether you need a team of specialists to produce a complete line of technical documentation, or a single technical writer for a small project. Our customers know they can work closely with one of our technical writers for the entire length of a project and the quality of our work is guaranteed to be outstanding. All of our technical writers are highly proficient in using industry standard writing tools and are skilled across multiple industries.


In order to meet the needs of the customer, AASKI Technology provides a unique set of capabilities and depth of experience. We have designed and implemented instructional systems to meet the needs of the customer as well as to maintain the standard of excellence AASKI Technology has developed through our hard work and diligence. AASKI Technology employs a highly qualified team of professionals – many who formerly served in the United States military – with extensive experience designing classroom and computer-based learning solutions to ensure the highest standards of understanding.

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