Operations &
Management Services
Operations and Management services ensure that your complex Enterprise IT systems and infrastructure are properly maintained and monitored.
Focused on Network Management Services

Operations and Management services ensure that your complex Enterprise IT systems and infrastructure are properly maintained and monitored. AASKI Technology brings many years of experience in designing, integrating, operating and monitoring enterprise IT systems. AASKI will assist with selecting the right management tools to ensure the clients capabilities and requirements are accounted for early on in the planning and design process.

Asset Management

AASKI’s Asset Management offering includes services such as configuration management, contract management, lifecycle accounting, labor certification, service level agreements (SLAs), automated alerts and warranty management. We have tools to manage and monitor efforts to address the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies, while also adhering to governmental or industry-standard coding structures common to commercial and defense organizations.

Best practices are built into the solution to help extend asset life, optimize spare parts management, increase planned maintenance and gain insight into service delivery after the acquisition of new equipment. The AASKI Technology solution portfolio is designed to help you respond to your business needs wherever your location is, for you or your customer.

Managed Security

AASKI’s Managed Security Services extend the security of your business by enabling extensive visibility, increased compliance, rapid response and the ability to manage vulnerabilities and cyber threats across the enterprise. By taking the guess work out of security, we ensure you are protected so that you can focus on managing your business. AASKI offers a wide range of managed IT security services to organizations of all sizes.

We provide managed IT security services to many government and industry customers. Providing IT security services is very different from selling security products - it means that our relationship with our customers is just beginning when the technology is deployed. Once the service is up and running, our customers rely on us to have certified, expert analysts on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Data Center Migration

AASKI has the data center migration experience and capabilities to minimize downtime, reduce the potential for human error and provide stand-alone services or an end-to-end program that completes the migration and operational capability on your schedule.

Depending on the solution that is right for you, we will work with your IT experts to develop a comprehensive, multi-pronged data center migration strategy. In planning a data center migration, detailed plans are developed and documented to ensure your data stays safe and protected. Move Day plans (containing information like application start-up and shut-down procedures, detailed resource plans indicating specific tasks and who's responsible for them, where resources will be located, and the timing of activities) are all provided.

Disaster Recovery

At the heart of our disaster recovery approach is the management of the following three areas: protecting your data, recovering your environment, and managing your recovery. Within each area, AASKI offers a range of products and services to ensure that your data and applications are up and running when disaster strikes. We stand behind what we do with contractually guaranteed service level agreements.

We start by working with you to understand your unique goals and challenges. Then we tailor data backup and recovery solutions specifically designed to meet them. The best solutions come from combining your understanding of your business with our expertise and experience in availability.

Our comprehensive disaster recovery management solutions are designed to be flexible enough to work with complex, hybrid systems, and to scale up and down based on your needs. They are designed to meet the full range of recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO/RPO) of your business.

Business Continuity

When disaster does strike, your business needs to continue functioning at a high level. AASKI’s Business Continuity offering provides resilience, recovery and contingency plans to ensure that the system design and business plans facilitate transparent contingency operations to your customers. Resilience ensures the highest level of availability and eliminates data loss for your business-critical applications. Recovery operations provide services so that applications can be automatically restarted on available hardware when an operating system or server-level failure occurs. Contingency planning develops a business continuity management for your organization that ensures critical people and processes remain operational in the event of a power outage or natural disaster.

Help Desk

The enterprise service desk is the nerve-center for business IT, and plays a critical role in ensuring reliability, availability and the continuity of IT services, rather than just logging and resolving end-user issues. It acts as a single point of communication for all service requests and technology concerns within an enterprise.

AASKI’s service desk operations are delivered through a consistent set of tools and processes, providing efficient and cost effective IT services to customers. Our company provides helpdesk, asset management and vendor management services along with a targeted approach towards integration and assimilation of business processes into the IT service management infrastructure.

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