aXis 360 is a software-driven virtualized open systems architecture that provides an economic way out of the dilemma posed by the challenges of today's operating environment, providing a flexible, scalable and extensible M2M solution.
Big Data about Diverse Machines
The environment for the acquisition and development of systems for disparate machine networks continually introduces new challenges including:
  • Integration of information from diverse data sources
  • Tight schedules and budgets
  • Rapidly evolving hardware, OS and networks
  • Inefficiency with system of stovepipes
Adaptable Integration Framework
  • Allows for non-homogeneous devices to be managed from a single platform
  • Custom drivers for integrating various components and providing a common abstraction for their interfaces
Multiple Appliances and Operating Environments
  • Able to operate on a virtual appliance on existing hardware
  • Able to operate on custom hardware
  • Able to operate in Commercial and DoD environments
Big Data Analysis
  • Allows for correlation of data sets to find root cause and insightful trends
  • Enables Predictive Analysis to prevent failures before they happen
Centralized Remote Mission Management
  • Mission Command Center allows for a reduced need of forward deployed personnel
  • Allows for a mission-wide consolidated view into operational status of assets
Cross Domain Solutions
  • Enables use of aXis 360 in multiple security enclaves and allows for transmission of data throughout
  • Strongly typed and well defined data serialization for autonomous validation
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