Mission Products Group

When life hangs in the balance and failure is not an option

Engineering Next Gen Products and Technologies

ISR Data Aggregation, Analytics and Secure Transport Core expertise in Design, Build, Operation and Maintenance of ISR Networks (Airborne, Land, Maritime)

Multi-disciplinary Team, Combat-grade Capabilities Complex program management, IP networking and Security and infrastructure technologies

Enable Mission-Focused E2E Solutions Cohesive management model, Complete visibility of Situational Awareness (SA) and Effectively controlled Configuration Management (CM)

Strong Domain Expertise in Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) Solutions Satellite, RF and Wireless

aXiom 9300

Critical Warfighter Communications

Delivering communications and instant access to vital information during combat operations, especially those that are being conducted in forward-deployed locations.

The warfighter on the ground relies on dependable and secure two-way transmission of voice, video and imagery with aircraft in the skies above. These aircraft, in turn, are in constant communications via satellite with COCOMs and PEDs which may be local or thousands of miles away. AASKI developed the aXiom 9300 airborne terminal using proven COTS technologies and components to quickly meet the most rigorous demands for mobility and security by delivering broadband satellite communications capabilities in a compact form factor.

aXis 360

Big Data About Diverse Machines

The environment for the acquisition and development of systems for disparate machine networks continually introduces new challenges including:

  • Integration of information from diverse data sources
  • Tight schedules and budgets
  • Rapidly evolving hardware, OS and networks
  • Inefficiency with system of stovepipes

aXis 360 is a software-driven virtualized open systems architecture that provides an economic way out of the dilemma posed by the challenges of today's operating environment, providing a flexible, scalable and extensible M2M solution.

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