Analysis Services

AASKI Technology provides critical services and solutions to answer and support the needs of the U.S. national security customers.

Critical Services & Solutions

AASKI Technology provides critical services and solutions to answer and support the needs of the U.S. national security customers. Our highly accomplished, cleared professionals have expertise supporting all intelligence disciplines and are highly proficient at providing a wide array of intelligence operations and information technology services to the Defense and Intelligence Communities throughout the world.

Aerial Reconnaissance & Surveillance

AASKI Technology, through its resources and unique talents, is able to serve emerging markets, with an emphasis on commercial, domestic and International Aerial Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems (ISR).

ISR Technologies are not static, which necessitates a company to be able to change quickly, grow and keep up with the rapidly changing times, which AASKI has been able to do since its inception. AASKI Technology will continue to grow and evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the customer.

Aircraft Maintenance

AASKI Technology has been entrusted with the certified maintenance of aircraft used in missions for the United States government and its allies. AASKI’s impeccable record of comprehensive service has allowed it be delegated with the critical responsibility of maintaining aircraft used in defense of the United States as well as in commercial ventures.

Flight Systems & Controls

AASKI Technology has provided state of the art flight systems and controls for both the manned and unmanned air vehicle markets in use today. AASKI Technology provides innovative flight solutions using traditional radar, GPS-based technologies, or a combination of both. AASKI Technology provides guidance and control support to the customer to ensure a smooth integration with the aircraft.

Flight Operations

AASKI Technology provides global service and support to assist the customer with operating their aircraft. We help businesses to expand their operations and increase safety and operational efficiency through the use of performance training, safety tools of the highest quality, and various other resources as needed. AASKI Technology offers all of their services and tools to ensure a safe and efficient entry into service and continuous operations for the life of the fleet.

Airborne Sensors

As aerial mapping demands a versatile range of performance, AASKI Technology has evolved to offer a wide spectrum of capabilities. AASKI Technology offers custom solutions that are available for both commercial and federal use. AASKI Technology has a proven track record of researching, designing and developing new products for emerging technology. We have the technical and manufacturing experience to meet your sensor needs.

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