IT Services
Our Enterprise and Mission Information Technology solutions enable our customers to move, manage, and secure data.
Delivering Enterprise-level Solutions

Whether our customers are focused on improving operations, moving to the cloud, or transforming an enterprise to manage big data, AASKI Technology’s expertise can help to solve your needs.

Cloud Solutions

AASKI Technology is at the forefront of using the cloud to help your business to be more flexible and save on IT costs. It allows free and easy access to data for employees from wherever they are, using whatever devices they want to use. Cloud Solutions can act as a Web-Based external hard drive, it can act as a file-sharing platform to collaborate with your co-workers or to send bigger than normal files, and it can allow access to your files from any device. AASKI Technology can help your business to implement this innovative solution with a minimal loss of time and effort to your company in a manner which can not only increase the productivity, but also help you to save money in the long run. Our approach provides adaptable, effective services based upon the needs of the customer and avoids the costly on premise investments in software, hardware, and staff.

Big Data Analytics

Through the analysis of bigger data sets which were once seen as too big, AASKI Technology can help analysts, researchers, and business users make better and faster decisions using data that was previously inaccessible or unusable. AASKI Technology can use their advanced analytic techniques to help analyze enterprise data which was previously thought to be too large and/or unstructured to gain new insights resulting in significantly better and faster assessments. AASKI Technology applies a deep data analytics technology that goes beyond statistics or data mining. Our approach uses advanced analytical techniques to manage large amounts of data as well as uncover patterns and trends to help our customer extract maximum value and vital information to help the customer enhance their business.

Storage Resource Management

AASKI Technology provides flexible, proven, highly-reliable resource management solutions, giving our customers the most advanced technology and resources to call upon, allowing unified and secure information sharing, and optimizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Through the minimization of project duration, maximizing the resources available, and heurisitic analysis, AASKI Technology is able to deliver an approach to resource management which will not only benefit the customer, but be cost effective as well.

Domain Architecture

AASKI Technology, through its expertise, can help the customer focus on a specific domain to help maximize the needed resources to help your organization develop the architectures and implement the systems that drive superior performance and build business value. AASKI Technology brings deep knowledge and experience to your most complex Information Technology challenges. We can help you align your resources, applications and IT Capabilities to maximize your return on investment. AASKI Technology can help you see the big picture while applying solutions that work on the forefront of your business.

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