Engineering Services
At AASKI Technology, we provide professional services for planning, designing, implementing, securing, and managing highly complex, mission-critical networks.
Innovative Engineering to Optimize Your Networks

AASKI delivers complete lifecycle communications, infrastructure and support for the world’s most demanding clients – from the U.S. Department of Defense to leading communication service providers and contractors, equipment manufacturers, financial services firms, and pharmaceutical companies. These organizations have come to recognize our extraordinary expertise in delivering solutions that meet their objectives, mitigate their risks, and control all of their network-related costs.

Satellite (SATCOM)

For more than 10 years, AASKI has spearheaded satellite communications solutions for the Department of Defense. We currently conduct the Joint Management and Operations Subsystem (JMOS), a completely software based tool to manage Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications over Worldwide Global SATCOM (WGS). AASKI provides systems engineering, information assurance, testing & integration, acquisition, logistics, configuration management and software support on a variety of satellite and networking programs in all aspects of the satellite ground segment -Terminals/RF, Baseband and Control. Projects we have worked include : Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET), Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM), Teleport, Standardized Tactical Entry Point (STEP), Regional Hub Node (RHN), Joint Management and Operations System (JMOS), Replacement Remote Frequency Indicator Selector (RRFIS), Replacement Frequency Modulation Order Wire (RFMOW), Control Monitor & Alarm (CMA), Integrated Satellite-GIG Operations Management (ISOM) and other critical initiatives in the wideband community.


AASKI possesses unique expertise in the issues surrounding transporting IP-based services over SATCOM networks. We have in-depth knowledge of the waveforms, modem systems and management/control interfaces of both commercial and military FDMA and MF-TDMA systems, as well as experience optimizing transport of converged services in constrained-bandwidth environments. Customers can trust AASKI to help them engineer and operate cost-effective and reliable IP SATCOM networks.


IP networking is undergoing a period of profound change, driven by the explosive growth of virtualized environments and public and private clouds. We have been leveraging our decades of experience in IP networking to assist customers in making sense of and navigating the new landscape. We offer help with data center virtualized/converged networks, Software Defined Networking (SDN) pilots and implementation, Network Function Virtualization and IPv6 migration. We also focus on application/network interaction, offering in-depth baselining and protocol analysis services.

Unified Communications

AASKI engineers have been building converged voice, video and data networks for over 15 years. During this time, we helped develop some of the inaugural VoIP services for a major telecom. With a strong expertise with real-time media signaling and transport, as well as service architectures, applications and management, we can help enterprises, service providers and call centers in all phases of engineering the unified communications life cycle.


AASKI Technology specializes in the largest, most complex multi-service fiber-optic projects, DWDM/OTN design, testing, installation and integration with legacy SONET and packet networks. We have brought together leading experts on network integration, installation, and implementation-ranging from Lucent Laboratory pioneers who helped build a major telecom provider's network to best-in-class installers and project managers.


AASKI Technology's engineering staff has the knowledge and expertise to support wireless technologies, such as cellular (CDMA, GSM, TDMA), Line of sight (TCDL) and WIFI (802.11bgna). AASKI’s support offerings include network and infrastructure design, installation and support. AASKI currently provides wireless support on projects such as ISR, and enterprise IT networking. AASKI’s wireless services support expands and enhances our unified communications life cycle.

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