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AASKI Technology Purchases Karrar Systems Corporation

OCEAN, NJ –AASKI Technology purchased the ownership of Karrar Systems Corporation in March 2012. Karrar, based out of Shrewsbury, NJ, was established in 1994 with a focus on providing Government and Industry organizations with business functional area, acquisition program office support and technical services in support of information technology and complex systems programs.

“We are extremely excited to have Karrar join the AASKI team,” said Rina Parikh, AASKI President. “This company has been recognized by customers for their outstanding support for almost two decades and will serve to further enhance AASKI’s offerings to our customers.”

As a function of the purchase, AASKI has novated the Karrar GSA Management Organizational & Business Improvement Services (MOBIS) prime contract in to its name. The focus areas for the newly acquired company are Cost/Program Analysis, Financial Management, Acquisition Management and Systems Analysis.

COMPANY NOTE: AASKI Technology delivers solutions designed for diverse technology business sectors and provides complete lifecycle communications infrastructure support. You can depend on our knowledgeable staff members to design a solution that will assist you in achieving your business objectives, controlling costs and mitigating risk. AASKI provides niche expertise in integrating commercial technology in to DoD networks: Voice, Video and Data Services over IP Satellite/Wireless Communications, IP over SATCOM Network Control, Operations, Security and Management Test Planning, Documentation and Conduct Database and Content Management Business Process Engineering Logistics and Operations.

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